Oct 20, 2014

New $0.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese = $0.25 Each at Price Chopper!


$0.75 off any Two Horizon Mac & Cheese or Snacks - a new link! Use zip code 08244 if needed.

Select Horizon Mac & Cheese are on sale for $1 at PC thru 11/1 = $0.25 each!

Also new: $1.00 off any Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Product = $0.49 for the Drop-Ins at Price Chopper

Written Proof For Readers w/ "Redeemable At Walmart" Manu Coupon Problem: They Should Be Doubled!

Here's an email I received from PC customer service in regards to the problem of some stores treating valid manufacturer coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart" (or any other store) or manu. coupons that have another stores logo on them as competitor coupons thus not doubling them:

Dear Ms. Waring,

Thank you for contacting Price Chopper. We apologize for the delay in our response.
Price Chopper's policy on manufacturer coupons with a competitor's logo is as follows:

A valid manufacturer's coupon containing a competitor's logo and/or phrase like "redeem at Retail X" is still a manufacturer's coupon and should be handled as such.  A manufacturer's coupon containing the phrase "redeem only at Retailer X" is subject to the competitor coupon rules.
This information has been communicated to our store teams so they should be following the correct procedures.


Customer feedback helps us improve our service and our products.  Price Chopper values your business and we look forward to serving you again.


Donna Blank
Consumer and Marketing Services Supervisor
Price Chopper Supermarkets


This is great news for readers who have been having this problem! I would print off the letter and keep it on you for when the problem arrives and/or show it to your store manager so they can tell cashiers not to enter these coupons as competitor coupons anymore.

Oct 19, 2014

Price Chopper: FREE Shamrock Farms Chocolate Milk Singles!

Update: this is now nla (thanks, Kelley!)
$1/1 half gallon of chocolate milk singles - Shamrock Farms Chocolate Milk singles are on sale for $1 thru 10/25 at Price Chopper = FREE!

Tru Moo half gallon is on sale for $2.50 = $1.50.

This coupon will likely go fast!

Oct 18, 2014

Reader Price Chopper Trip!

PC trip (10/12-10/18 sales):

2 free taco seasoning, 2 free McCormick Sauces w/ (2) $0.75 off any ONE (1) McCormick Skillet Sauce, free ice tea 12 pack, 4 free spaghetti micros, 8 soups $1 each, 2 boxes froot loops $1 each. 

Had a $4 off my order of $60 or more print from the kiosk and at the end of my transaction got a $1.25 off my next order (wyb 5 or more Campbell's Healthy Request) I'll use next time. 
Total was $208.41 - after card and coupons we paid $124.58

(thanks, Missy!) 

The McCormick sauces deal is valid this week (9/19) as well.

Price Chopper Weekly Coupon Matchups 10/19-10/25!

Here are the deals this week at Price Chopper. If you are new to couponing at you can check out Price Chopper 101.

  • AdvantEdge ecoupons - these do not double and cannot be combined w/ paper manufacturer coupon

  • Sign up for PC Baby Club here for additional coupons and Bday freebies

  • Sign up here for PC Pet Club for additional coupons 

Price Chopper coupon policy 

Current PC Checkout Rewards

Competitor Coupons:   
  • ShopRite ad w/ $15 purchase: ShopRite Bacon 1 lb. (substitute PC brand) $1.99, Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna $0.59, Yellow Onions 3 lb. bag $1.24, Poland Spring Water 24 pack 3/$10, Correlle Dinnnerware (if carried) 4/$8, Hershey's, Nestle, Wonka or Snicker Fun Size Candy 3/$7
  • $10/$50 Healthy Living Market coupon thru 11/4  in Sept./Oct. Capital Region Saving Source Magazine & $10/$50 in 9/18 Times Union Preview Section pg 25 valid thru 11/12.
insert this week: a SS

Current Checkout51 offers: $0.50/1 gallon Milk, $0.50/1 Bread, $0.50/1 Yogurt, $0.25/1 Apples, $0.25/1 Bananas, plus more...offers may vary by account

Current Snap offers: $1/1 Milk, $1/1 Any Bag of Candy, $0.50/1 Apples, plus more...

Sunday only: FREE Ortega Taco Seasoning Packet via saving star

Current Unadvertised & Multi Week Deals  


20% off Spirit Halloween!

20% off at Spirit Halloween or SpiritHalloween.com
This coupon has reset!

(Coupon is Back & Reset) PC Starting Sunday: Chi-Chi's Salsa As Low As $0.50!

Update: coupon is back under zip code 77477!

Starting Sunday at PC, Chi-Chi's Salsa will be 2/$4 w/ in ad coupon plus get $1 off 1 lb. of ground beef or chicken purchase. Use (2) $1/1 (food category) = $1 each or $0.50 each or you have planned on purchasing ground beef or chicken!


Oct 17, 2014

PC: Lavazza Ground Coffee $0.99 W/ Coupon (Check Your Store)

Here's a great deal to keep an eye out for if you are headed to PC today or tomorrow: Lavazza Ground Coffee 12 oz. is on sale for $5.99 (reg $9.99) plus my store was giving away $5/1 coupons at a sample stand = $0.99!

Lowes: Tide Pods 40 ct. As Low As $3.99! (Reg $11.98) *Select Areas

Wilton & Glen Falls, NY
Oneonta - thanks Missy!

Oneonta, Norwich...

Utica... + More
If you will be heading out to Lowes this weekend you may want to check the price of Tide Pods 40 ct. at your store HERE. 

Many stores (but not all) have this on clearance = as low as $3.99 after coupon (reg $11.98!) Use the $2/1 from the 10/12 RP or $2.00 off ONE Tide PODS 31ct or larger.

(thanks, Sara & Missy!) 

Oneonta, NY (thanks, Missy!)
Gain 100 fl. oz. Laundry Detergent is also on clearance at many stores, use $2.00 off TWO Tide PODS, Gain or Downy Products $2.00 off TWO Tide Detergents and/or Boost, $0.50/1 or $1/2 from 10/12 RP or $1/1 from 9/14 RP = as low as $4.74 (reg $11.98)

New $2/1 Tide Pods + 50% off Price Chopper Deal

A new $2.00 off ONE Tide PODS coupon came out today for the Tide Pods deal at PC this week: 

Get $7 OYNO when you buy $30 worth of select items:
Tide Liquid Pods 31 ct. - $9.99 (shelf $10.99)
$2.00 off ONE Tide PODS 31ct or larger $2.00 off TWO Tide PODS, Gain or Downy Products $2.00 off TWO Tide Detergents and/or Boost   $2 off Tide PODS, Gain Flings, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Bursts or Gain Fireworks, excl Tide PODS, 5 ct., Gain Flings, 5 ct. and trial size, RP 10/12   $2.50/2 Tide PODS, Gain Flings or Fireworks, Downy Unstopables or Bounce Bursts, excl trial size, RP 9/14   $3/2 Tide PODS, Gain Flings, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Bursts or Gain Fireworks, excl Tide PODS, 5 ct., Gain Flings, 5 ct. and trial size, RP 10/12 


Buy 3 Tide Liquid Pods 31 ct. at $9.99 each (shelf $10.99)
use (3) $2/1 from 10/12 RP or $2.00 off ONE Tide PODS 31ct or larger
get $7 OYNO (shelf is over $30)
= $5.65 each (reg $10.99)

Cumberland Farms: FREE Coffee Fridays!


Score a FREE coffee, any size, every Friday during the month of October at Cumberland Farms!

Saving Star Friday Freebie: FREE Ortega Taco Seasoning Mix & New Hannaford Pork Saving Star ecoupons!



To use saving star at Hannaford you must use your Hanaford Numbers card, if you don't have one you can sign up HERE.

Hannaford has pork chops on sale for $1.99 lb. this week! (reg $3.19 lb.) (thanks, Mel Coupon!)


Oct 16, 2014

Rare $1/1 Lightlife Product + PC Deals

$1/1 Lightlife Products - All Lightlife products are on sale at PC this week ranging from $3-$4. Pay as little as $2 after coupon for Lightlife Smart Deli items after coupon and $2 for Lightlife Tempeh after coupon.

Coupon Reset: Price Chopper: FREE McCormick Skillet Sauces!

McCormick Skillet Sauces are on sale for $1.50 thru 12/9 at Price Chopper, use (reset) $0.75 off any ONE (1) McCormick Skillet Sauce = FREE!

PC: FREE Marzetti Croutons & $1 Dressings & Dips w/ New $0.75/1 Any!

Update: Per a reader this coupon comes up DND at the register (even though it does not say dnd...) so PC will not double it..

(thanks, Kat!) 

Update: since the coupon does not say DND your cashier may still double it for you if you ask but ymmv. (thanks, Jennifer!)

$0.75 off any one Marzetti Dressing, Dips or Salad Topping Product - a great doubler!

Marzetti Croutons are on sale for $1.50 thru 10/25 = FREE  $0.75

Marzetti Salad Accents Salad Toppings are on sale for $2 thru 10/25 = $0.50 $1.25

Marzetti Vegetable Dips or Dressings are on sale for $2.50
this week 

Marzetti Caramel Dip 16 oz. is on a multiweek sale for $2.99

$0.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese = $0.25 Each at Price Chopper!

$0.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese - I believe this coupon has reset!

Select Horizon Mac & Cheese are on sale for $1 at PC thru 11/1 = $0.25 each!

You can try printing another set here (coupon prints in English) but I think the link may be connected to the first one. Let me know if both work for you!

Plus get 2 more prints when you click on the Spanish version near the top (prints in English)

A reader question: For some coupons that may not be printing for you, you need to click on the small lego block to the left of the address bar to allow the plugin in order to print: