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Oscar Party!

Since the Oscars are on Sunday, here is my Oscar post from a few years ago! I've added in this years printable ballot.


While I mainly watch the Oscars to mock them

I do enjoy the fashion

... and the betting aspect
(I won last year!)

So why not celebrate with a party?

It's been awhile since I had a themed party that wasn't a holiday...

I think the last one was a Lost Party.

So here are a few ideas in case you want to host your very own Oscar Party:

I like to keep party decorations in plastic bags like this so I can reuse them each year.  
A few of these items I got at Party City

but anything gold or silver - you can find at the dollar store.

They have tons of decorations like this - they're multipurpose! 

If you have any gold/glitter type of New Year's decorations tucked away some of those may work as well. 

Popcorn makes a great snack!

These gourmet flavored popcorn recipes look really good!

 Theater Box Candy is always fun to hand out to guests. Check your local dollar store for these. 

 For something more formal, how about this chocolate ganache cake?

It always comes out great! It's even better if you make it the day before.

This year though, I'm making something like this.

Champagne goes great with cake.

Oscar ballots and Oscar bingo are a must!

And voila! You have an Oscar Party.


cindylou120 said…
I Loved the Lost Party, I miss Lost too!! And These are really great ideas that anyone can do!! Very Creative, I would say this is the perfect example of "Carpet- diem" seizing the day to make your very own red carpet event!! Lol Thanks Saratogasaver, :)
Erin said…
Thanks! :-)
Unknown said…
Before this post I felt only confident enough to throw a party for the Daytime Emmys. Now I have all these great ideas and am ready to play in the big leagues. Thanks!
Erin said…
way to dream big!
cindylou120 said…
Thank you, Thank you I would Like to thank everyone who didn't do their research and really helped to secure my win for the evening!! Lol jk It was a very close race, perhaps me dressing as most of the movies nominated helped give me the edge and insight i needed to put me over for the title. Overall it was Great Food, Great Decorations, Great Fam and Friends, and Great Party!!! I Look forward to next yrs rematch in hopes that I can go two for two* I Luved having an actual Oscar Trophy to compete for as bahearn81 said, I felt i was in the big leagues as far as parties go* Thanks saratoga saver!!
ps- I will be sending updates and pix on what Oscar and I have been up to this yr!! :)
Erin said…
Really cute!!!
Erin said…
Thanks! :-)