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Showing posts from February 16, 2011

Target 101

Target can be a great place to coupon. This is mainly because manufacturer coupons, can be stacked (combined) with coupons you print off Target's coupon page , for the same product.  So two coupons can be used on one item! For example, this week Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal is $2.50, and if you stack it with the coupons above it will be only $0.50! While I didn't stack any coupons in the trip above, stacking a manufactures coupons and a target web coupons can be done w/ any item and is a great way to save. Sometimes Target has deals where you buy certain items and receive a $5 Target gift card back. This too is great because Target allows you to use coupons on the products and still receive the gift card. So sometimes these turn into MM's (money makers). Speaking of money makers, you may have noticed that I used (2) -$5 coupons on the maalox's which were only $3.49 each. Target's coupon policy states that if a coupon exceeds the price of the item

Quick Target Trip

Stopped by Clifton Park Target on the way to NYS museum w/ family.  Mainly wanted to stock up on finish dishwashing detergent as they aren't on sale at my local Target for some reason. Bought: 5 finish diswashing packs on sale for $2.50 each               2 maalox @ $3.49 each               1 simply lemonaid @ $3.19 Coupons used: (5) -$2.25 finish from 1/2 ss                          (2) -$5 maalox from 1/9 ss                          (1) -$1 simply lemonade printable (no longer available) After coupons total was only 68 cents! (tax)