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Showing posts from March 24, 2011

Rite Aid Video Values

Just a reminder that Sunday, 3/27 is the last day to watch March's Video Values.
You may want to make sure you watch the videos for the $2 off $10 beauty - there's a great deal to use it with starting Sunday!

New Price Chopper Web Coupons

Click here for Price Chopper's new money saving coupons, good through Sunday, March 27th.

They are:

Fresh Dole Italian Bagged Salad for $2
Price Chopper Pasta – $0.50 off
Central Markets Tomato Bruschetta – $2 off

I'll probably use the Bruschetta coupon! :-) - 80% Off!

Through 3/27 use the code DEAL to get 80% off any gift certificate/s from That means you can purchase a $25 gift certificate that would normally cost $10 for only $2! For 25% cash back go through Shop at Home, making each certificate only $1.50!

$10 Gift Certificate normally $5 - 80% off Coupon = $1
$25 Gift Certificate normally $10 - 80% off Coupon = $2
$50 Gift Certificate normally $20 - 80% off Coupon = $4

A few terms
18% gratuity will be added prior to discount for most restaurantsMost restaurants will require a minimum purchase, for example, $35 to use the $25 gift certificate Some restaurants may apply additional terms, ex. dinner only, etc...The Saratoga area had some great restaurants participating: Mangino's, Mouzon House, 1 Caroline Bistro, Fifty South, Putnam's and more!

I'll probably get this one: Leon's: $25 gift certificate for $1.50 (after 80% off and through shop at home) Minimum purchase of $35, excludes Sat.