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Showing posts from May 3, 2011

FYI - bin Laden Malware Warning

FYI - got an email tonight from someone I know who works in government warning me to be careful because there are already many reports of malware associated w/ images concerning "bin Laden's Body" A lot of it was common sense (don't click on links from unsolicited emails) but the first warning said not to even search for images concerning his body/pic as malware (my interpretation follows) has gotten so advanced that it could affect your computer by you searching and then clicking on what is disguised as a completely credible link . I've known a few people whose computers were infected with viruses (probably not as bad as these are) and it was not pretty!

Rite Aid: 10 pack Duracell Batteries as low as $0.24!

I read about this deal this morning and was about to post it but then read that it was a glitch in Rite Aid's system and was now looks like it is actually a clearance price and not a glitch... The clearance may differ from store to store but it looks like most stores across the country should have these clearanced. The clearance price won't be listed on the shelf price so you will have to do a price check at the register. Duracell Batteries - 10 pack AA or AAA - $2.24 look for $1 off peelies - be careful some may be expired use $1 off from P&G mailer = as low as $0.24! The 20 pack AA or AAA were also reported to be on clearance for $3.49 w/ $1 UP back so I would also bring those up for a price check as well. P.S. - A few months ago I got quite a few Starbuck's Coffees at Rite Aid @ 75% off (who does that? - gotta love Rite Aid!) so I am a true believer of their clearance deals!)

Free at Walmart + New Printables

Ivory Soap - 3 Pk - $0.97, use $1 off from 5/1 PG = $0.03 overage! Here are a few new printables that would be great to use at Walmart: $1.50 off 4 or more rolls of Scott's Natural Bath Tissue $0.75/2 Taco Bell Home Originals  - out of prints already? $0.60 off 3 Old El Paso Products - should be on rollback for $1 From Inserts: $1 off Crayola Wonder Product from 4/3 SS - check your store for Crayola On The Go Wonder Product @ $0.97 = free HERE are a few more deals I posted last week

Free Bottle of Country Bob's Original All Purpose Sauce!

Great for summer BBQ's! Click HERE UPDATE: I requested a bottle earlier today but it looks like the coupon is "down for maintenance"(?) Well that's a new one! lol If you're interested in the sample I would check back later, it may be back up. Oh, now they've changed it to "coupon form" down for maintenance, sounds better ;-)