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Driscoll's Berries Consumer Panel = Coupons

Update: I got a $1 off any Driscoll's product coupon the next day, print limit 4!

If you've previously signed up for the Driscoll's Berries newsletter you may want to check your email (and junk mail folder) for an invitation to join their new consumer panel. When you take quick surveys about your berry purchases they will send you occasional coupons :-)

If you have not signed up for their newsletter you can do so HERE. I believe they still send out $0.50 off coupons when you sign up and on your birthday.


C said…
Thanks, Such A Great deal, berries can be soo pricey this time of yr!! :)
Diane A. said…
It is a $0.50 coupon for your birthday. But it will double.