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Price Chopper: Free Curad Band-aids

Curad Band-aids are on sale for $0.99 thru 7/14 at Price Chopper = FREE after $0.50 off coupon doubles. (thanks, wishtoborg@wuc!) I got a lot of these when they were free a few months ago and noticed the kids themed ones (Sesame Street, Dazzle, etc.) aren't the best quality and fall off my daughter pretty easily but the adult ones and knee & elbow (pictured) are much better. :-) Update: Some of the $2.79 band-aids like the ones above were not tagged at $0.99 like they were for this sale the last time so just make sure the ones you are getting are on sale for $0.99 = free after coupon. All the kids varieties, select gauze & butterfly adhesives were $0.99 at my store.