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Walmart Trip

My brother is getting married in October and I'm helping him and his fiance put together gift/welcome bags to put in the hotel rooms for out of town guests. I hope I can get most of it free to cheap with coupons! Over the past week and a half I stopped into 3 Walmarts (no shelf clearing) to use the $3 off Bayer from 6/24 SS:

7 Bayer 24 ct. at $2.50 (tagged at $2.97!), used 6 $3 off = 6 free + $3.50 overage (used towards produce)
3 Bayer 32 ct. at $2.22, used 3 $3 off = 3 free + $2.34 overage
5 Bayer 24 ct. at $2.97 (now no longer $2.50 at Wilton PC) = 5 free + $0.15 overage
= 15 free + $5.99 overage

I think they need 20-25 bags so I'll have to supplement something else for the Bayer. They are looking to add stuff like trail mix, gum, tums, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. The wedding is in Rexford, NY so I thought it might be nice to include some items unique to upstate NY like Saratoga Springs Water, Adirondack Chocolates, Saratoga Chips, etc. but all that stuff is pretty expen…

FREE 6 Month Subscription to Blockbuster Total Access (Like Netflix)

You can currently sign up HERE for a FREE 6 month trial of Blockbuster Total Access, which is like Netflix. You just want to make sure you cancel before the 6 month trial runs out or you will be charged $9.99 per month. You can mark it on your calender, set a reminder on your phone, etc. Even though its says unlimited I believe when you sign up for the free 6 months you are allowed 2 rentals per month.

You can also print coupons HERE for a 2 different FREE 1 month in store programs, these you must cancel before one month so you are not charged.

Price Chopper Coupon Matchups 7/29-8/4

Weekly store coupons
$5/$25 Family Dollar competitor coupon(if your PC considers this a competitor)
Current Checkout Rewards
PC Live! Magazine - Exp. 7/31
Sign up for PC Baby Club HERE for additional coupons including FREE prenatal vitamins and vitamins for kids under 4
Sign up for PC Pet Club HERE for additional coupons
Buy 3 Pepsi 12 pack at 3/$12 get 1 Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 12 pack Free, use $1 off printable 
Hellman's Mayo 22-30 oz. - $2.99, use $0.70 off from 7/29 RP or $0.75 off Olive Oil variety recyclebank coupon = as low as $1.49 for Olive Oil variety, $1.59 for regularStarbucks Frappuccino 4 pack - $4, $2/2 from 7/22 Pepsico Moments To Save insert = $3 eachBuy 1 Tostitos Tortilla Chips at $3 Get 1 Sierra Mist 2 Liter Free, use $1 off Tostitos tortilla chips, 11 oz+ AND salsa, 14 oz+, Pepsico Moments to Save 7/22$5 off all Crest Whitestrips
Certified Angus Beef Whole Eye Round - $1.99 lb.
PC Boneless Chicken Breats - $1.99 lb.
Whole Pork S…

Price Chopper: Free Suave Deodorant

The 1.4 oz. Suave Deodorant is on sale for $1 at Price Chopper (reg $1.59) thru at least next week = FREE after $0.50 off from 7/29 RP doubles. Coupon says limit 2 identical coupons per shopping trip.

Hannafords Buy & Save Promo is Back

Hannafords buy and save promo is back!

Some cheap items to buy for this promo starting tomorrow:

My Essentials Tomato Paste - $0.59
My Essentials Frozen Burritos - $0.50
My Essentials Canned Tuna - $0.89
My Essentials Tomato Sauce 8 oz. - $0.49
My Essentials Yogurt  - $0.45
My Essentials Canned Vegetables 8 oz. - $0.45, 15 oz. - $0.50
My Essentials Frozen Biscuits - $0.45
Hannaford baked beans - $0.89
My Essentials canned pasta - $0.85
Hannaford petite diced tomatoes - $0.79
Hannaford canned black beans - $0.89
Hannaford Ranch Dip Mix - $0.79
*prices are based on last Buy & Save promo 11/11, may have increased slightly

(thanks, anita725&wuc!)

Tomato sauce 34 cents
3.75oz Buttermilk Biscuits 39 cents
Tomato Paste 44 cents
Salt 44 cents
8oz Canned Beans, Corn, Peas 45 cents
7.5oz Homestyle or Buttermilk Biscuits 50 cents
Yogurt cups 50 cents
Boxed Mac & Cheese 50 cents
Frozen Single Burritos 50 cents
14.5oz Canned Beans, Corn Peas, 59 cents
Canned Spaghetti Rings 59 …