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High Value $2/1 Pampers Giant Size Box or Wipes 192+ + PC Deals!

*restrictions* (must be used on) Giant Size Box Diapers or Wipes 192ct+

PC Deals:

Pampers Sensitive Wipes 192ct - on sale (all multiweek sales) for $5.99 = $3.99 (reg $7.99)

Pampers Natural Aloe Unscented Wipes 216 - on sale for $5.99 = $3.99 (reg $7.99)

Pampers Sensitive Wipes Refill Pack 448ct - on sale for $13.99 = $11.99
Or you may want to save the ecoupon and use starting Sunday for gas promo!
Additional New Google Offers Ecoupons:
Save 50¢ on ONE Ziploc brand containers 2-8ct, exp 4/12/14

*restrictions* Dishwashing Detergent packs or any size power

not valid on liquid Cascade might be good for P&G sale next week; on sale until 3/22 for $4.99 (smallest size)

(thanks, Winch Weasel!) 


winch weasel said…
Bought 219 count Pampers wipes last night. $2/1 coupon came off no problems. Tags were not up for $5.99 pricing, but there was a tag for $7.49 vs. the $7.99 shelf price tag. Rang up just fine though.
Erin said…
That's good - I'll update the matchups - thanks. It's nice to hear an ecoupon is coming off for once and not the other way around! :-)