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NBPR Rebate Giveaway!

I found 2 NBPRs last week at PC!

Save $5 by mail off any Kettle Brands Potato Chips 8 oz. or larger thru 4/15
No Beer Purchase required in NY
offer# 26331

Like The Saratoga Saver on facebook to enter and then leave your first name & last initial below in the comment section, I'll randomly pick 2 names on Friday 3/28 after 5 pm to send the NBPR out to.
More info on NBPR rebates can be found here

Keep an eye out for $5 off Seafood Harpoon rebates on beer displays near the seafood dept. Reader Mary scored a great deal last week:

"On Friday I purchased a fish fry dinner at Price Chopper for $5.99, fries and coleslaw included.  I took the rebate from Harpoon Beer to mail in for a 5 dollar rebate, 5 dollars on fish purchase NBPR.  I also bought a 1 liter ginger ale with a hanging coupon attached (99 cents off if fish is purchased) The 99 cents was taken off at the register.  So... I had dinner with a cold pop for 1 dollar on Friday!"

(thanks, Mary!)


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Wilma B. NY
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Crystal D. NY
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Kevin H NY
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Heather B. NY
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Tracey S.
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Sara G NY
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