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PC: Reader Deal using $15/$40 Target Competitor Coupon!

Here is a great reader deal to save on meat using the $15/$40 Target Up&Up competitor coupon.

Many have been able to use this coupon at their stores but I would first ask at customer service to be sure your store accepts it as some may not.

Price Chopper Boneless Pork Loin Center Cut Chops B1G1 at $4.99/lb

Price Chopper Boneless Pork Loin Country Style Ribs B1G1 at  $4.99/lb

"Getting about a pound each and basing the pricing on the last package I got $5.89"
Buy 8 Center Cut Chops $5.89 X 4 = $23.56 + 4 Free  
Buy 6 Country Style Ribs $5.89 X 3 = $17.67 + 3 Free

Subtotal $41.23

- $15/$40 Target Q 

= 14/$26.23 or $1.87 a package 

If you factor in the regular cost of buying 14, you're only spending about 32%. 
Total Gross Pricing 5.89 X 14 = $82.46

BOGO Savings = $41.23

Target Coupon Savings = $15.00

Total Savings = $56.23

Final Cost = $26.23 for 14 packages of meat or $1.87 a package. 
Savings/Gross = Savings Percentage

$56.23/$82.46 = 68% Savings

(thanks, Winch Weasel!)


Beth F. said…
Uh, it's 16 packages, not 14. 8+8=16.
Erin said…
I had both scenarios in there with the different prices for both. But I took the 16 packages one out since buying 14 is a better deal
Winch Weasel said…
Got so excited about a meat deal that I calculated for 16!
Erin said…
Not your fault, I should have made it clearer :-)
Beth F. said…
Haha, we all get excited at sometime. My kids ask what we're getting for free this week at the store every time we go.