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Reader Price Chopper Trip!

paid $63.46 for $253.70 in product 4 multiple trips using:
10.00/50.00 target coupon (from last weeks Target ad)
10.00/30.00 price chopper Market Bistro beef coupon (her store allowed her to use it)
5.00 of 50.00 price chopper coupon
4.00 off 25.00 price chopper coupon
2.00 pc coupon from unilever!!!
1.00 hellmans coupon from 4/13 RP and google and price chopper coupons
.75 dip coupon doubled
.55 sunbelt doubled
1.00 butter coupon
.75 org eb spring mix coupon doubled (nla)
1.00 pc top care coupon
multiple meat peelies!!!!!!!!!!!!

(thanks, Jami B!)


Anonymous said…
Where did you get beef coupon?
Erin said…
I added the link in - I was told these should only be accepted at PC Market Bistro but per a few readers they have asked at their stores and have been allowed to use it. I would ask the store manger though to be sure it's okay as coupon says use only at Market Bistro.