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Hannaford $20/$50 Mailer: Use at PC! (Select Areas)

Update: per a reader corporate said they do not want to accept these any longer

If you live in or near one of the areas below keep an eye out for a $20/$50 Hannaford To Go mailer coupon:
  • Guilderland, NY
  • Niskayuna, NY
  • Saratoga, NY
  • Dover Fields, NH
  • Goffstown, NH
  • North Windham, ME
  • Yarmouth, ME

Reader Diane received one in the mail and was able to use it in store at Price Chopper as a competitor coupon with no problem! 

Ymmv though store to store as Hannford To Go is online ordering vs. in store.

(thanks Diane!)


LizM said…
Just to be sure on this, I called my local PC on Thursday to see if they would honor this as a competitors coupon and was told "yes, absolutely". I went to do my shopping at that same PC on Saturday morning, and they would not honor it. I was told by a CSM that corporate told the stores on Friday to stop accepting them, as it is an "online thing" and it's not the same as shopping in the store, so it's not exactly a competitor. Needless to say, I was a little annoyed.
Erin said…
That's too bad! A lot of readers stores said it was fine to use - I'll update the post. Mine just came in the mail the other day - I guess I won't be using it!
Thanks of the info