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Price Chopper Considers Coupons That Say "Redeemable at Walmart" Competitor Coupons Thus Will Not Double!

I received an email back from Price Chopper today in regards to the recent problem of some stores not doubling manufacturer coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart" and was surprised because what they have written is completely different from what I was told when I called a few days ago:


Dear Ms. Waring,

Thank you for contacting Price Chopper.

Price Chopper voluntarily doubles, at its own expense, manufacturer coupons with a face value of up to and including 99 cents, except when prohibited by the manufacturer. When a manufacturer coupon says "redeemable at" and lists a particular retailer, it is a manufacturer supported offer for that retailer only.  The manufacturer will only reimburse that particular retailer.  Therefore, these coupons fall under the competitor coupon section of our coupon policy and we do not double competitor coupons. We apologize for any confusion and have shared your comments with appropriate personnel.

Customer feedback helps us improve our service and our products.  Price Chopper values your business and we look forward to serving you again.


Donna Blank
Consumer and Marketing Services Supervisor
Price Chopper Supermarkets


So Price Chopper says manufacturer coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart, Shop & Stop, etc." are considered competitor coupons and will not get doubled because Price Chopper does not get reimbursed for them.

BUT per, which is where these coupons are coming from, the manufacturer will reimburse any retailer for coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart" or "available at Walmart"...
(see bullet #2)

So says "redeemable or available Walmart" is only a suggestion and these coupons are valid manufacturer coupons, though when I click on "where can I use these coupons?" I do not see Price Chopper's logo as a major retail store that has an official policy to accept printable manufacturer coupons so maybe that is their reasoning?

This is not a problem for all since these manufacturer coupons still double automatically unless cashier checks before scanning and enters the coupon in as a competitor coupon which doesn't double. But I'll note coupons that say redeemable at other stores and have stores logos on them in the matchups/posts as some PC stores now check them and will not double them.

I emailed PC to ask if coupons w/ store logos are also considered competitor coupons as well but I'm pretty sure they will say that they are. And what about coupons that simply say "available at Walmart", not "redeemable at Walmart"? I'll  follow up on it but wanted to post this response today as it affects readers.

What do you think about this?? Other stores like ShopRite will double these coupons but Price Chopper will not. We are seeing more and more coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart, Shop & Stop, At Winco Foods, ect." so this is not great, especially with these items ever rising prices!

Update: I emailed PC on 8/26 w/ the link to the info with the questions I posted above, I'm just waiting for them to get back to me.

Update 2: They emailed me back and said they would look into it so I'm just waiting on a response...see here


Anonymous said…
Perhaps forwarding that pc email to to advise them that pc states that they will not be reimbursed. not great publicity for either, and perhaps will contact pc to clarify this situation and will force pc to change it to allow doubling.
Heather said…
What about emailing PC back and referencing the question on It sounds like they are just misinformed. But I guess it makes sense to get an answer from first? Maybe will stop putting logos on the coupons if it is causing problems. At the very least, they could comment on whether or not PC does get reimbursed.
Anonymous said…
Stores get reimbursed face value plus a small fee. The double is at the store's cost. However, if the policy is to double manufacturer's coupons, then it should be any that say they're manufacturer's coupons.
Erin said…
I'll definitely do that, maybe they do get reimbursed and don't realize it - several stores are enforcing this and not doubling them all at so I wanted to let people know their reasoning. At least in the Capital Region it does not seem to be a problem which is good.
Mindy said…
I am in Syracuse and this is a problem here. What drives me crazy about all this is that these coupons will scan just fine and double on it's own. PC employees have been directed to check all the coupons and will pull those aside to enter as competitor coupons, therefore they won't double them. But if they don't do this and just scan the coupon it goes through just fine. PC should realize if these were truly Walmart coupons then they wouldn't scan, they would be imbedded to only scan at Walmart. Very frustrated with this. Thank you for posting about it though, I am tired of seeing other matchups that don't address this.
Erin said…
That must be frustrating Mindy! That's a good point about how they go through fine just like any manu. coupon. PC emailed me back today saying they are checking into whether or not they get reimburse for manu. coupons w/ other stores logos on them, hopefully that means ones that say redeemable at Walmart, etc as well...
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I agree with Mindy. The problem doesn't seem to be PC's register system. It's that employees are intervening. In fact, I have found lately that they seem a lot more stressed about coupons in general. It used to be they would scan them and only really look at them if they didn't scan. But now I find the checkers go through all of the coupons first and even dig through the bagged groceries (even after they already loaded into my cart) to check on item sizes or varieties which seems strange since if the coupon doesn't match, it won't scan so why go through all that extra work (and mess up my bagged groceries!). If they are going to do that, I would prefer putting the coupons with the items on the belt so they can check them as they go but they won't let you do that you have to give them all the coupons at the beginning (I've been scolded for forgetting to give them a coupon until partway through checking out - honestly what difference does it make if they haven't even started with the coupons yet).

I love the savings at PC but the hassle is starting to make the savings look less appealing. If I can get the same thing at another store without the hassle and scolding, maybe that alone is worth the extra $.50 I'd save at PC, you know?

Glad you're working on straightening this out, Erin. Thank you.