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Printable Tops Doublers - Use at Price Chopper!

There are 4 printable Tops doublers w/ $20 purchase out this week. If your Price Chopper is near a Tops most stores will accept these as competitor coupons!

The closest Tops to Saratoga is in Corinth so I wouldn't consider it as a competitor since I don't get the Tops ad in my paper but for many other areas in NY Tops is a competitor. 

It's always best to ask at your stores customer service desk as to what competitor coupons they accept as different stores have different criteria.|10311|1408031224|||


Anonymous said…
I work at the Bennington VT price chopper and there is a tops in the next town over (Hoosick falls, NY). Our price chopper only takes competitor coupons if they are in the same city. Just might wanna check before you try to use them.
Erin said…
I'll add that in - thanks for the info!

It's interesting how different Price Choppers have different criteria for accepting competitor coupons, some take them based on a certain mile radius the store in question is from their store while others do if the stores ad comes in their areas newspaper.
Anonymous said…
My PC will take Tops competitor coupons but not their doublers. The head cashier told me that PC does not accept competitor doublers, only dollars off/item specific coupons. It's YMMV, as usual. I wish PC would come out with a more cohesive policy for all of their stores.