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Update On Price Chopper "Redeemable At Walmart, etc.." Issue

Here is what I received from PC today. I hope they are also looking into manu. coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart, Tops, etc..." and not just the ones with other stores logos on them since that was my main question. :-)

Dear Ms. Waring,

Thank you for contacting Price Chopper.

We are determining which coupons with competitor logos can be processed through the clearinghouse as a manufacturer coupon and will be clarifying this soon. If we find that we can be reimbursed for certain manufacturer coupons with competitor logos, we will double them.

Customer feedback helps us improve our service and our products.  Price Chopper values your business and we look forward to serving you again.


Consumer and Marketing Services Supervisor
Price Chopper Supermarkets


Heather said…
Would it help if more of us emailed them too? If so, is there anything in particular we should ask? I'd be happy to cut and paste a form letter or specific questions if it helps.
Erin said…
I think that would definitely be helpful, if you told them that many stores are not doubling manu. coupons with other stores names on (redeemable at Walmart, Tops, etc..)& asked if they get reimbursed for them since per they do that would be great. Thanks Heather!