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Fashion Friday: Druzy Jewelry $6.95 + Free Shipping!

I really like the jewelry on sale for this weeks Sense of Style Fashion Friday! 

You from choose from over 40 different styles/colors of druzy jewelry for $6.95 & FREE SHIPPING each with the coupon code PALOOZA!

Update: it's working now!
Update: I ordered one of the earring above but wasn't offered the $2.99 deal below...they may be sold out but you can still get any of the items above for $6.95 shipped.

Plus, the earrings below are $2.99 & FREE SHIPPING at checkout with the purchase of another Fashion Friday item. 2 pieces of jewelry for under $10!

These earrings are really similar to the druzy earrings on the Blake Lively Preserve site - they are $35!


Cindy said…
This is so Great!!! I love these gorgeous fashion friday deals!!! So Excited plus the free shipping on top makes it so much sweeter! #sweetdeals <3 (: