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Tops Supermarket: Turkey $0.48 lb., PC Will Price Match

Per reader Wendy:

"Tops Market has turkeys for .48 cents a pound with Price Chopper price match guarantee .48 cents lb...."

A great deal if you are near a Tops Supermarkets! The closest Tops to me is in Corinth so for local readers a bit closer to Corinth this would be an option if you receive the Tops ad in your paper or grab it in store.

Thanks Wendy!


Unknown said…
I'm really surprised it's that cheap at Tops! I'll have to grab an ad and price match because there is no doubt in my mind that Tops will be out of small turkeys.
Erin said…
Lol, plus at PC you can stack $/$$ coupons towards it and earn gas points.
Anonymous said…
I got an email today from Price Chopper saying garentee low price of 48 cents. The one I got earlier this week said 59 cents
Erin said…
If you can get the Tops ad you can get $0.48 lb. but if not the cheapest is $0.59 for the Shady Brook Farms or House of Raeford Frozen Turkey this week and next