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Price Chopper Still Doubles Manufacturer Coupons With Other Store Logos/Names On Them

A few readers have let me know that their Price Chopper stores have told them this week that Price Chopper now considers manufacturer coupons with other store logos or names on them, for example, a manufacturer coupon that may say "redeemable at Walmart" as competitor coupons and will no longer double them.

I just got off the phone with a high up PC representative at corporate who assured me this is not the case. She said regular manufacturer coupons with a store logo or name on them (redeemable at Walmart, etc.) are still doubled and there has been no change to PC's coupon policy in regards to this. She said if your cashier tells you otherwise ask to speak to a CS supervisor. 

I would say if the supervisor or even manager will not double them keep your receipt and call or email customer service and they should reimbursement you. Tell them what store you are having the problem with and ask that they contact that store.

Who know if  their policy will change in the future but…

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