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New $5/1 Carvel Ice Cream Cake Link = $0.99 at Price Chopper!

New $5/1 Carvel Oreo Link? - I received this in my email and was able to get prints so it looks like this is a new link!

The Golden Oreo Cakes are back on sale for $5.99 thru 6/6 at Price Chopper = $0.99!

Per reader Amy, the Chips Ahoy! variety is included in the sale as well = $0.99!

Thanks Amy!


Anonymous said…
My store didn't have chips ahoy product. Also the golden Oreo cakes didn't have any sale tags.
Erin said…
That's too bad, they must not be carried all all stores

Were you still able to get the Golden Oreo? Sometimes stores don't get the tags up for the multi week sales or may take them down early instead - but all stores should have it on sale
Anonymous said…
My local PC/Market 32 (Wilton) has the cakes, but they are not on sale. I had a manager verify the prices yesterday.
Erin said…
That's odd, per the tag pictured the Golden Oreo variety should be on sale thru 6/6 - sorry to hear that!