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Michael's Price Chopper Tripler Trips!

Michael saved $155.45 at Price Chopper with triple coupons this week! 

1.) total 4.94 savings 16.92
 2.) total 2.64 savings 18.42

3.) 2.48 savings 13.63

4.) 3.49 savings 8.32 (most cost candy for son 1.59 tax)

5.) 20.37 for all in pic savings 92.49 triple
.75 tea triple also tea was 2/$8 plus free tea in ad bonus coupon
meat balls bogo plus $2 off coupon
Mt. Olive pickles 55 cents triple from jar
can still grab $5 ice cream cake at when you sign up = $0.99

6.) savings of 5.67 all free items  

in 6 trips total spent 37.11 total saved 155.45 

Thanks Michael!

You can check out all the triple deals at PC this week HERE and weekly matchups HERE.  


Angelic757 said…
Are the oreo cakes on sale at all the price choppers.
Anonymous said…
There was none at the Glens Falls location on sale.
Erin said…
If your store has them they will be on sale but I think a lot of stores are out of stock from them being on sale for so long and some may not re restocking them so not all stores will have them
Anonymous said…
Can grab a rain check good for a month - 5$ couponsgood till Aug
Angelic757 said…
Ok thank you my store has plenty but they aren't marked on sale so I wasn't sure.