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Jodi's Price Chopper Trip: $0.37 For All!

= $0.19 each

2 Suddenly Salad at $1 each, used
= $0.25 each

5 Yoplait 100 Yogurt at $1 each, used (4)
= 5 FREE + $1 overage (plus Jodi's $0.75/1 coupons fully doubled to $1.50 off = more overage!)

2 Frosted Flakes w/ coupons

Paid 3.12 OOP and will get back 2.75 from my SS account $0.37 for all! 

fyi - Jodi's Golden Graham coupon only doubled to $1 not $1.50 so watch out for this. She had the cashier fix it.

Thanks Jodi!


Jodi said…
You are very welcome. I forgot to add where I got my Frosted Flakes coupon. It was my birthday so I received an email for .70 cents off any one Kellogg/Keebler, Morning Star product.
Erin said…
Awesome - great trip!