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New PC Baby Club Ecoupons & Deals!

New Price Chopper Baby Club ecoupons are available!
  • PC Applesauce 6 packs are on sale for $1.79 thru 9/19 = $1.29
  • PC Snack Cheese is on sale for $2.99 this week = $2.49.

Not a baby club member? Click HERE to join.

Soon in your mailbox, you'll see your official Baby Club Welcome coupon mailer* and will receive ongoing benefits such as: 

 FREE 5-Inch Colossal Cupcakes for First, Second, Third and Fourth Birthdays !
(It's a cake that looks like a cupcake! Perfect for baby's cake-smash photo!)
 FREE vitamins for your family, including chewable vitamins for kids up to age 4, vitamin drops and prenatal vitamins with your prescription**