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New Price Chopper Bonus Coupons For Nabisco & Pepsi!

Update: the doublers found in this link say limit 2 while the originals HERE say limit 3 so I would use the originals. (Thanks Wendy!)

New PC Bonus coupons - these are in today's Times Union along w/ 2 doubler coupons as well.

Nasbisco Chips Ahoy! - 2/$3
$1/3 Nabisco cookie or cracker, 4.5 oz+, SS 11/08 
$0.75/2 Nabisco cookie or cracker, 4.5 oz+, SS 11/08 R

Plus check out all the doubler deals HERE.


Paula said…
Hi Erin! Are Chips Ahoy a Kelloggs/Keebler product? Wanted to use the .60 coupon, but not sure they qualify.
Anonymous said…
Chips Ahoy aren't keebler, they are Nabisco :)
Erin said…
My bad, thank you both for letting me know :-)