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Price Chopper Racing2Riches Results - All Weeks

If you're like me you may find yourself with a few (or a lot!) of Price Chopper Racing2Riches game pieces that still need to be checked out. Below is the complete list of results to help you out. 
Winning game pieces may be redeemed thru 9/19. To enter your codes to play the bonus online games go HERE, these must be entered by 9/14 in order to qualify for a chance to win.
Race 1:
1rst Burgerriffic
2nd Ka-bob
3rd Chic-n-wing

Race 2:
1st Sizzzzlin'
2nd Marinator
3rd Fired up

Race 3:
1rst OldGlory
2nd Red White & Blue 
3rd Fireworks

Race 4:
1rst Lady Liberty 
2nd AmericanDream
3rd BBQ Glory

Race 5: 
1rt Sinister Sauerkraut
2nd Snappy Dog
3rd Theworks

Race 6:
1rst Medium Roar
2nd BeefPatty
3rd Cheeseburger Charlie

Race 7:
1rst Local Lady 
2nd Whats-Cooking
3rd Well-Nourished

Race 8:
1rst MyAdvantEdge
2nd Fuel-To-Win
3rd MarketBistroMajesty

Race 9:
1rst Apple of my Eye
2nd Guac-A-Mole'
3rd Lots-O-Cabbage 

Race 10:
1rst Custom Cutter
2nd Brrrrisket
3rd Bacon Baron

Race 11:
1rst Rrrrrrrrr-X
2nd Vitaminner
3rd S…

High Value $2/1 Sister Schubert's Rolls = $0.99 at Price Chopper!

Sister Schubert's Rolls - $2.99 thru 9/19 
= only $0.99 (reg $4.19) 

Check out the updated deals this week at PC HERE!

Beck Beer Settlement: $12 with no proof of purchase, $50 with proof

Anheuser-Busch has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging they misrepresented to consumers that Beck’s beer is brewed in and imported from Germany. 

If you purchased Beck’s Pilsner, Beck’s Dark, Beck’s Light, and/or Beck’s Oktoberfest between May 1, 2011 and June 23, 2015, you may be entitled to a cash payment. File by 11/20/2015 HERE

If you think you purchased this and do not have valid proof of purchase of Beck’s Beer you will be entitled to the following refunds, up to a maximum of $12.00 per Class Household.

Check off: 

Twelve pack of 12 oz. bottles or cans: $1.00 each(enter 12 if you think you've bought at least twelve in the 4 year time span = $12)
Time required: 1-2 minutes

Thanks sd!