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Jami's Price Chopper Trip!

8- Alexia FF and hash browns- 1.00 off target coupon competitor==1.75 each
Bacon- 3.00 off meat Hannaford competitor  == .99 each
4- Ricolas 1.00 off 1/3 redplum + dollar doublers==== .50 each

Paid $16.99 for $44.27 in product a savings of $27.28!
Thanks Jami!


Erin said…
What was the $3 off hannaford coupon for the bacon? The only hannaford coupon that I have seen is for $3 off $15 in the meat department.
Erin said…
I noticed that when printed that one just says "$3/$15 meat" at Hannaford, so I believe it's that one.
Erin said…
Ok so then the coupon was not used for what it was intended for. This transaction clearly does not have $15 worth of meat products.
Erin said…
$15 or more is throughout the store:

Special coupon offer! Get $3 OFF any meat purchase when you spend $15 or more throughout the store. Offer valid thru 1/22/16.