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Local Readers: Price Chopper Accepts Four Seasons Comp Qs

Local readers: I checked with customer service at my Price Chopper on Ballston Ave and they will accept Four Seasons competitor coupons!

Other Price Choppers in the area are likely to accept them as well so it's great to have another store to use for comp qs.

Here are the current Four Seasons coupons:
  • $2/$15 & $5/$25  in March-April Clipper Magazine - exp. 4/22 
  • $3/$15, $5/$25 & $10/$50 from Value Direct mailer (sent out about 1.5 weeks ago) - exp. 3/31

For readers who are not local, it's definitely worth it to check with your store as to what local stores are considered competitors as many Price Choppers accept comp qs from smaller local stores.