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Tara's Price Chopper Trip!

Yesterday's haul:

8 puffs tissues $1.00
1 true lemon sticks $2.99
= $0.74
2 maxwell house coffee 2/$4.00 
- no coupons 
3 Powerade $.88 no coupons 
3 Betty Crocker corn bread mix $.59
= 3 FREE (profit w/ saving star ecoupon)
1 corn beef hash $2.99 no coupons 

$12.18 saved $23.13

Multiple computers and devices printed from, going back for more!

Thanks Tara!



Connie said…
How do you get a profit on the Betty Crocker? Our PC only doubles/ triples coupons up to the value of the items, so there's no overage.
Erin said…
You're right, the profit would be w/ the $0.75/3 saving star coupon (now nla, if you clipped it) - I'll update the post - thanks