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New Hannaford App = Free Groceries!

Update: you must have IOS 8.0 (came out 9/14) or later on your iPhone to support the app.The freebie coupons exp. 8/31.

Download the new Hannaford app on your smart phone to save 2% on Hannaford brand items which includes produce, meat, deli & Hannaford bakery plus clip 15 coupons for FREE items!

Each persons free items will be different but the 15 coupons seem to be worth around $50. Clip the coupons in the app and after all the items are scanned have your cashier scan your barcode from the app and the 15 items will come off the total. There is also a $5.50/$5.50 coupon available to clip.

The 2% you will save each time you scan your card will accumulate and then the app will let you know when you can periodically redeem the money towards more groceries, about every three months.

My store was out of Arnold Country Bread, Annie's Cereal and I couldn't find the Chobani Yogurt 2 pack, but those would have been free too. I should be able to get them before the coupons expire on 8/31.

I used the $5.50/$5.50 coupon towards to the spinach and nectarines. 

Thanks Heather!

To get the free items:

1. Download the Hannaford app on your phone. If you already have a Hannaford account you just update your info or create an account if you don't have one.

2. Clip the freebie coupons. There should be 15. There's also a $5.50/$5.50 coupon.

3. Purchase items.

4. Have cashier scan the bar code from your phone, it looks like this. Click on the small orange grocery bag icon where it says "My Hannaford Rewards" on the very bottom of the screen:

5. Prices of items will be deducted = FREE.

6. Scan your barcode each time you shop at Hannaford to accumulate the 2% savings.

Update: If you don't see the freebie coupons maybe try waiting (one reader had them show up a few hours after she downlaoded the app) or delete the app and re download it. The app is new so it may have a few glitches, it seems to be working for most people though.


smappler said…
For some reason no bar code shows up on my phone.
Erin said…
Try clicking on the small grocery bag icon where it says "My Hannaford Rewards" on the very bottom of the screen
smappler said…
all I get is my phone number at top of screen and the rest blank
smappler said…
Thank you though, it was worth a try.
Erin said…
You could try deleting the app and getting it again
Does the barcode stay the same like cartwheel? If so, you could screenshot the barcode in case you have bad reception in the store.
I don't see any free coupon items?
Tjr said…
I didn't get/can't see any free coupons either. I'm thinking my older phone (iPhone 4s) isn't supported by the app???
Erin said…
Yes, I checked and it says supported by IOS 8.0 or later, I'll update that into the post - ty
Tjr said…
I have iOS 9.3.5 but no free coupons 😕. Not sure why I didn't get any free coupons. Any ideas why???
Jennifer said…
No freebies for me either, just $5.50 off coupon and they e-mailed a $5 off coupon that won't print for me. :(
Which store did you find the seafood. I got that coupon but they did not have it at the Ballston spa location
Erin said…
I found the seafood at the Hannaford in Milton, it was to the left of the deli in the freezer section. It could be sold out if you don't see it, I would think they wold get more in soon
Erin said…
Not sure why it's not working for some, I would try deleting it and re downloading, if that doesn't work contact Hannaford:
smappler said…
On the Hannaford site, it says you are able to put your cell number in the pin pad if you don't wish to scan the bar code. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?
Anonymous said…
“Clipped” my $5 coupon and added it to my rewards but it didn’t deduct from my total at the register when my barcode was scanned.