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Showing posts from January 28, 2017

Katy's PC Fuel AdvantEdge Savings

Reader Katy saved big on fuel this month: "I just filled up using my fuel bonuses for Jan. I spent about $30 out of pocket for the month of Jan and saved up $2.41 in fuel bonuses. We bought 18 gallons of gas for $2.75!! Without PC fuel bonus we would have paid $42! That means all of our Jan groceries were free (about $400 worth)!!" Thanks Katy! This weeks ad will have a save $0.40 off per gallon of gas coupon wys $100 or more in ad bonus coupon.

Jami's Price Chopper Trip!

Roast beef- 2.99 lb Onions, carrots and potatoes== free   with pc coupon +.25 ibotta Strawberry’s – Bogo Bananas- .49 lb Earthbound lettuce – 1.00 coupon=1.99 Adams reserve cheese- 2.00 coupon =1.99 each 2- Dole frozen fruit- 1.25 coupon = 2.54 each 5-Purell- .99 --.75 coupon doubled- 1.00 coupon from Purell company--+ .75 ibotta+ .75 checkout 51== 1.50 profit 12- Mrs ts pierogis- 1.00/3 coupon = 1.66 each Almond milk – 1.00 coupon = 3.49 gallon 10 gas earned $131.13 in product for $56.95 after bonuses== savings of $74.18==57% savings   Thanks Jami! Last day for all this weeks PC deals, see HERE !