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Price Chopper Coupon Policy Revised!

Price Chopper has revised their coupon policy! Beginning 4/22 they will no longer accept any competitor coupons. This is too bad but hopefully they will offer better sales and in ad coupons to compensate.

What do you think about the change?


Anonymous said…
There's no point for me to shop here anymore. They are way overpriced. I'll just go to Hannaford and Walmart. No biggie for me. I hope they lose a lot of business.
Unknown said…
I agree. Some weeks the only reason I go to PC is to use the ShopRite coupons. Of course, I usually also buy PC's great deals while I'm there too, as well as a few other things, but with no SR coupons I will think twice before bothering, because PC's regular prices are the highest of any store around. Bummer.