Price Chopper 101

Price Chopper is a fun and easy place to use coupons. Stores are coupon friendly and I save a great deal of money at Price Chopper as well as get items FREE to very cheap. Below you will find all you need to know in order to start saving big bucks at Price Chopper:

AdvantEdge Card: You must have an AdvantEdge card to get Price Chopper's sale prices. If you forget your card your cashier can look it up using your driver's license.

 Coupon Policy
  • Coupons are limited to four (4) like coupons or like items per household per day 
  • Price Chopper allows the use of both a store coupon and manufacturer coupon on one item.
  • Price Chopper accepts competitor coupons based on each stores marketing area: $5/$25 Save-a-Lot (currently nla), Hannaford coupons, Target grocery coupons, ShopRite super coupons found in weekly newsstand ad, etc...They no longer accept CVS, BJ's, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Dollar General or Family Dollar Coupons.
  • Competitor coupons cannot be combined with store coupons or manufacturer coupons and do not double.
  • Price Chopper accepts one manufacturer coupon for a B1G1 sale.
  • Price Chopper accepts valid internet (printable) coupons with a value up to $5 off and also accepts B1G1 internet coupons and FREE offer internet coupons.

HERE is their official coupon policy.

Double Coupons

All Price Chopper stores now double coupons up to $0.99. They will double up to 4 coupons for like items per day. This doesn't mean you can't double more then 4 coupons, just not more then 4 for the same item.

So, for example, if you have a coupon for $0.75 off it will automatically double to $1.50 off! Sometimes a coupon will state do not double and should not be doubled, though if they start with the number 5 they will double automatically.

Store Coupons

Price Chopper adds new store coupons to their facebook page and store website every Saturday night and sometimes periodically during the week. These coupons are featured on this site and as stated above, can be combined with manufacturer coupons for additional savings.

iSave Machine 

Make sure you always scan your Price Chopper Advantage Card at the iSave Machine, located at the store entrance. The iSave Machine can have some great coupons, both store and manufacturer as well as $$ off your total purchase coupons.

Gas Savings

For every $100 you spend at Price Chopper you will earn a $0.10 off per gallon Fuel AdvantEdge Discount. Price Chopper will often feature gas promotions in their ad specifying that if you buy certain qualifying items will earn additional gas savings. These are featured in this sites weekly matchups.

All gift cards that Price Chopper sells, excluding Price Chopper Store gift cards count towards gas savings. So it's a great idea to buy all gift cards you may be giving for Birthdays, X-Mas, (yourself!) at Price Chopper in order to have them count toward your gas savings.

SavingStar Ecoupons

You can load SavingStar Ecoupons onto your Price Chopper card HERE. These are paperless coupons that can be combined with manufacturer or store coupons for additional savings!


Like many other national supermarkets Price Chopper registers have catalina machines. Catalinas are coupons that print after your receipt at checkout. Some will be ads, information about upcoming catalinas or coupons. Others will be coupons that you can use On Your Next Order (OYNO). Example: Save $4 on your next shopping order. These coupons can be used towards any item/s and usually expire in 2 weeks. You get these coupons when you buy a certain qualifying items in the same transaction.  For example Buy 3 Dole Real Fruit Bites - Save $2 OYNO.

You can find current catalinas HERE under the YourBucks Offers tabs. You can click offer details to see if Price Chopper is participating in a particular offer though I list these offers on this site and in the matchups. Info can also be found in the checkout rewards pamplets at PC that I list on this site each month. When you use coupons on qualifying items that are on sale you can get great deals on products!

Another type of catalina requires you too spend a specific amount on qualifying items in one transaction to get back a OYNO coupon. This will be advertised in Price Chopper's ad and are included in the weekly matchups. Example: Spend $15 or more on the products below in a single transaction, get $5 off your next shopping trip. These offers are usually based on the shelf price (regular price) of the items, not the sale price (though the ad will say they are not). Based on the higher shelf price it can be easy to reach the amount needed to get the catalina coupon and combined with coupons you can sometimes get items free to very cheap! Examples HERE

Some shelf prices may differ slightly from store to store so you always want to make sure your shelf price meets or exceeds that amount needed to get the Catalina coupon. Also, I always check to make sure the small green light is one on the catalina machine next to the register (or just ask the cashier) to insure that my catalina coupons print though I've never had a problem. Sometimes the catalina coupon will take a few seconds after your receipt to print so you have to wait for it.
Sign up HERE for Price Chopper coupon mailers.

Price Chopper participates in Upromise, a great program that helps you save for college tuition. 

Price Chopper Couponing Tips:
  • Be on the look out for coupons tearpads and small Smartsource coupon dispensers throughout the store. 
  • Watch out for products that have limits (ex. Purex - $1.99 *limit 3) because usually if you buy more then the limit in the same transaction the additional product/s will ring up at regular price! When there is a limit I list it in the matchups.
  • Price Chopper is a great place to find NBPR's.
*Please note the some Price Chopper prices may vary slightly from region to region.