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Price Chopper Deals 2/20-2/26

Click Here , to print this fun Price Chopper coupon: *You do need to purchase $25 worth of items before the coupon PC's corporate brands include: Top Care, Central Market, Clear Value, Full Circle, Price Chopper Naturals as well as the regular labeled Price Chopper brand. Since you need to buy 10 PC items (you can mix and match) to get $5, if you bought 10 items that cost $0.50 they would all be free! Here are some ideas: buy 10 PC chicken noddle or 10 tomato soup @ $0.50 - $5 = Free 10 PC yogurt @ $0.45 - $5 = Free + overage!  10 tomato sauce or paste @ $0.50 - $5 = Free 10 chicken or beef broth @ $0.50 - $5 = Free 10 Peas, corn, green beans @ $0.39 - $5 = Free + overage! 10 clear value taco mix, gravy mix or chili mix @ $0.59 - $5 = $0.09 each! Last time PC had this deal I bought a few Clear Value paper towels @ $0.79 = $0.19 each! Really there are many, many items to use w/ this....and again you can mix and match Here  is the link to their facebook page which has

Couponing 101

Couponing i s all about timing .  It's using coupons on items that are already on sale and/or along with additional promotions in order to optimize savings. The most important thing about couponing is making sure that you actually get the coupons.  If you are interested in couponing you should start getting coupons now since many deals reference ones that are a few weeks/months old. But the best part about couponing is that sales will already be matched up with coupons on websites (like this one) :-) so all you have to do is cut, cut, cut! (or print) So where to get the coupons? Coupons can be found just about anywhere! The traditional route is to buy the Sunday paper (which is where the inserts will be each week) Some publications offer more coupons then others.  It is best to look at the top right hand corner of the paper to see which have the greatest savings in coupons. Many towns/cities have Free publications that can be found in stores, gas stations, and other location