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Showing posts from May 18, 2011

FREE Tide Stain Release Sample @12 PM

You can go to Tide's  Facebook page at 12 noon today to get a free sample of Tide Stain Release. Sometimes these sites are really slow for giveaways like this but I requested this sample yesterday and the site was really fast, no problems! You probably want to request the sample before 12:30 or they may be out of samples as they are giving out to the first 20,000. They are also giving out samples tomorrow night @ 8pm and for the rest of the week.

$2 off 8th Continent Soy Milk!

HERE'S a great $2 off ANY 8th Continent (soy milk) carton coupon. Once you're at the site you have to wait for the pop up and then sign up to get the coupon emailed to you. This coupon is great because it doesn't expire until 12/31/11! I as able to print 3, I stopped there, you may be able to print more than that. This is priced under $3 at Walmart and is also available in chocolate! thanks,