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Showing posts from June 25, 2011
Be on the lookout for this PC Summer Sale Coupon booklet. It was at the entrance at my Price Chopper. These are manufacturer coupons. $1/2 Millstone Coffee $1/2 Dunkin Donuts Coffee $1/2 Smuckers Spreads $1/2 Pillsbury Brownie Mixes $1/2 Smuckers Toppings $1/1 Red Rose Tea $1/1 Equal Product $1/2 Krusteaz Pancakes, Cookies, Muffins or Bars $1/2 Sorrento String Cheese 10-12 oz $1/2 Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats $1/2 Mt. Olive Pickle Paks $1/2 Truvia Sweetener $1/1 Dishwasher Magic $1/1 Washer Magic $1/2 Ajax or Dynamo Laundry Detergent $1/1 Dove Men Care Product (excludes trial) $1/1 Magnum Ice Cream (3 pack) There's also a Try Me Free Rebate found on the display of Keebler Granola Fudge Bars. You can get back the $2.50 sale price on these but these were only $0.25 after coupons! It's a good idea to keep all your receipts because you never know when you'll find a NBPR or a Try Me Free Rebate.

FREE Beech Nut Cereal + 2 Jars!

You can sign up for Beech Nut's newsletter HERE and should receive coupons in your email for a FREE box of cereal and 2 jars. Beech Nut doesn't put many coupons out so this is a great deal! (thanks, msbuildingupdabenjamins !)

Price Chopper 50% Rule

The registers at Price Chopper will stop doubling your coupons once you have saved 50% of your total order using coupons that double. This doesn't mean that you can't save over 50% on your total order, it just means that you can't have 50% of your order saved with coupons that double (as opposed to $1 or higher coupons that don't double or store coupons). So you never run into problems with this you want to make sure you always hand over your coupons that double FIRST while your total is still high, then non doubling coupons ($1 & up or those that say Do Not Double), followed by store and competitor. You could also consider purchasing a gift card to offset your savings if you think you are (or want) to double more then 50% of your order. Price Chopper sells gift cards for Dunkin Donuts, JcPenney, Home Depot and many other stores as well as Price Chopper itself. The gift cards, excluding the Price Chopper store gift card count towards the gas program. I alw

FREE Sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner

You can head over HERE to request it.