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Showing posts from June 27, 2011

Profitable Honest Tea @ CVS!

Update: these coupons are are now 60 points but there are additional ways to earn points: the Dove Green Your Bathroom quiz, the The Life Cycle of a Cereal Box and you can also click play now on the Green Your Vacation contest and earn more points by clicking on the moving pictures, including the clouds. you'll have more then enough points to do this: Buy (4) Honest Tea @ $1 each Use (4) $1.00 off Honest Tea Recyclebank coupons (do 4 quizzes) print each coupon twice by pushing the back button after they print = 4 free! It may seem like a lot to do but all together this took me only about 2 minutes! Read below for more details. _____________ Honest Tea is on sale for $1 each at CVS this week. Recyclebank has $1 off Honest Tea coupons for only 25 points. I  bought (4) $1 coupons for 100 points total. Each coupon let me print it twice so I got (8) $1 off coupons total. When you buy 5 Honest Teas @ $1 each at CVS this week you get a $2 ECB = $2 profit! New to Recycle

FREE Sample of Shout Wipe and Go

You can head over  HERE for a free sample of Shout Wipe and Go! (thanks, singlemomsavingmoney !)

FREE Customized T-Shirt from Vista Print - Pay Only Shipping -Today Only!

Vista Print has a cool offer today only on a customizable t-shirt! You can choose from 36 designs and add your own photo. This would be great for a business advertisement, kids birthday, family reunion, etc..You can check it out HERE. You only pay shipping which starts at $4.41, which is a great price for something customized. I ordered 200 free address labels from Vista Print a few months ago and they came out great.

Price Matching at Walmart

Strawberries and blueberries are only $1.29 this week at Aldi's. You can always pop into Aldi's to get them but if you are going to be at Walmart this week and don't want to make an extra trip to Aldi's these would be great to price match!

FREE Sample of Shout Color Catcher

You can head over HERE to request a free sample of Shout Color Catcher!