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Showing posts from January 11, 2012

Cheap Chapstick

$0.25 off Chapstick - This has got to make for some cheap Chapstick at Price Chopper after doubled!  :-) Update: I didn't see this at my PC...

*HOT* $2 off any (1) Pack of White Cloud Bath Tissue (excludes 4 pack)

$2 off any (1) pack of White Cloud bath tissue (see exclusions above) - High Value! Walmart sells a 6 roll package that should be cheap after coupon. Update: This is sold exclusively at Walmart though not all stores may carry it. Here is a product locator .

FREE Music

HERE'S a great program we've been using on our computer for a few months to play free music. You can also play in through your iPhone in your car. I think it's the best free music app available right now. It has almost every song imaginable! Spotify is great because you can create and save playlists and see what the top songs being downloaded are. It's user friendly and also has TONS of kids songs which is great for my daughter. She's on a Go Diego Go kick! FYI - You have to spell everything correctly or no results will come up.

$0.99 of any 14, 16 or 20 oz. Cocoa-Cola

Send a Cola-Cola message to a facebook friend/s and they'll be able to print out two coupons for $0.99 off any 14, 16 or 20 oz. Cola-Cola = free - cheap Coca-Cola! You can have them send you one so you can print the coupons too. The $0.99 off Coke Zero coupon is also still available. (thanks, mojo savings )

Target & Walmart Freebies

Target & Walmart : Bic Stic Grip 7 ct. Easy Glide or Cristal 10 ct. Ball Point Pens - $0.99 use $1 off from 1/8 SS = FREE $1 off any Reach Floss = FREE Still available: $1 off any Reach Floss Walmart: Benefiber 3 packs - $1.97 (not all stores may carry this) use $5/2 from 1/8 SS or $3 off printable = FREE + $1.03 overage (thanks,  save the coupons ) Sunbird Seasoning - $0.78 use $1 off Sun Bird product printable (use zip code 90210 if needed) = FREE + $0.22 overage or buy 3 & use B1G1 printable (zip code 10001) & $1 off = $0.17 each Kikkoman Seasoning Packets - $0.98 use $1 off printable = FREE + $0.03 overage Schick Disposable Razors 12 pack - $1.97 use $2 off from 12/4 SS or 1/8 SS = FREE + $0.03 overage Teddy Grahams on the Go (or other on the go varieties) - reportedly $1 use $3/3 from 1/8 SS = 3 FREE Target: Everready Batteries - $1 (found in the $1 Spot), use $1 off Energizer Brand Batteries from 1/1 SS (Everready is Energiz