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Price Chopper Checkout Rewards 5/13-6/9

Buy (3) Oscar Mayer Cold Cuts Save $2 On Your Next Shopping Trip (coupon prints at register) Buy (1) Milo's Kitchen Dog Snacks 10 oz. or larger Save $1.50 OYNO Buy (2) Alexia Potatoes Save Save $1 OYNO Buy (2) Green Works Products Save $1 OYNO Buy (2) V8 Includes V8 V-Fusion, Regular, Light, Tea & Smoothie Varieties get $1.50 off OYNO, buy (3) get $2.25 off OYNO, buy (4) or more get $3 off OYNO Buy (2) Nescafe Taster's Choice or Nescafe Classico 20-22 ct. stick packs and 7 oz. canister or larger save $1 OYNO Buy (3) participating Solo cups, plates or bowls save $1 OYNO Buy (2) Gerber Good Start get save $5 OYNO Buy (3) Gerber Juice 4 oz. 4 packs or 32 oz. bottles get save $1 OYNO Buy any (2) Kikkoman Sauces or Marinades get $1 OYNO buy (3) or more get $2 Buy (1) Visine .5 oz. get $1 OYNO Buy (10) Gerber  2nd Food Baby Foods save $1 OYNO Deals Buy 2 Alexia Cut Fries, Onion Rings, Waffle or Sweet Potato Fries, or Mus

Happy Mother's Day!

Price Chopper Catalina Trip

$1! It looks like the spend $5 get $15 P&G catalina is based on shelf price. I had heard the way catalinas print may be changing soon and the catalina wording in the ad was a  little different this week so I wanted to be sure. (1) Prilosec OTC 28 ct . at $10 used $2 off from 5/13 PG + $2 off $9.99 health & beauty store coupon (added extra in parking lot for pic) got back $5 (shelf price was over $15) = $1 No Prilosec was tagged at my store and this rang up as $19.99. I showed the cashier the ad that said the 28 ct. was $10 and he changed it. Maybe this is a typo in the ad? My $5 catalina did print though. If this ct. Prilosec isn't tagged as $10 in your store and the smaller size is maybe you should inquire about it at customer service. The $2 off $9.99 health and beauty coupon is great to use for the P&G catalina! There are a lot of great deals for it, check them out HERE . My store had a Sizzling Saving coupon booklet w/ over $10 in manufacturer coupo

Price Chopper Weekly Store Coupons

Head over HERE for Pice Chopper weekly store coupons. There is a $0.75 off Chock Full O' Nuts from the 5/13 SS  to combine with the store coupon = $2.74 ($1.99 w/ tripler).