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Local Deal: Half off Saratoga Springs Food Tour!

  Half off Saratoga Springs Food Tour !

iPad-a-day Giveaway!

This is an easy giveaway to enter, all you need to do is enter your email! After that you can x out the box to avoid having to print any coupons if you do not want to at this time. One winner will be chosen each day and you can enter daily - good luck!

New Family Dollar Competitor Coupons for PCs that Accept These

$2.49 reg price at Price Chopper = $1.74 On sale for $1.68 thru 8/18 = $1.18 On sale for $2.50 this week = $1.50 On sale for $1 = $0.75 $1.99 reg price = $1.49 $1.99 reg price $2.99 reg price = $1.99 There are some Family Dollar brand coupons you may be able to use since PC accepts Shop Rite brand competitor coupons but I would inquire at your stores customer service desk to be sure: