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Shop Rite $0.49 Organic Carrot Competitor Coupon to Use at PC + EBF Deal Ideas

Reader Jodi noticed some Shop Rite super coupons located on page 9 of their weekly ad found in Sundays paper. If you use the $0.49 Organic Carrot coupon as a competitor coupon at Price Chopper you can save your $0.75 off Earthbound coupons (more coupons should be available in a day or two) to use on other Earthbound Farms items your Price Chopper may carry: Earthbound Farms Organic Cilantro $1.29 = FREE after $0.75 off coupon doubles Update: I checked this again today & the signs were in the wrong place - it is the Cabbage that is $1.29 so FREE after coupon doubles, not the Cauliflower. Earthbound Farms Organic Cauliflower $1.29 = FREE after $0.75 off coupon doubles (this price seems low, I hope it was not mis-marked...) Parsley $1.99 = $0.49 or use on Earthbound Farms celery, green peppers, salad, etc...

Price Chopper Trip

2 DiGiorno Pizzas at $5 each & 1 Edy ' s Ice Cream at $3.99, used $2/2 beer display hangtags & FREE Edy's Ice Cream wyb 2 DiGiorno Pizza (deducted $3.99) = $4 each + FREE Edy's Ice Cream 2 Earthbound Farms Organic Mini Carrots at $1.99 each, used 2 $0.75 off = $0.49 each 2 Scotties Facial Tissues - 1/2 price at $0.74, used 2 $1 of any 2 boxes of Scotties Facial Tissues = $0.24 each Lipton Tea & Honey 10 pack at $3.49, used $0.75 off peelie (doubles) + will submit for FREE MIR (up to $3) = FREE + $1.01 profit 4 Curad Bandaids at $0.99 each, used 4 $0.50 off = 4 FREE used $5/$25 Family Dollar competitor coupon = $8.46 for all After I used the $5/$25 Family Dollar competitor coupon I noticed the fine print on my other on e said $25 is after coupons deducted (Dollar General one does not say this) so I thi nk from now on I'll only use it on bi g orders where m y total is $25 after coupons . Price Chopper coupon policy says this

Macaroni Grill: FREE "Choose 2" Lunch Combo Coupon Valid 9/28

First 100,000 (thanks, printable coupons & deals !)

Price Chopper: Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Only $0.50

Green Giant Steamers are price chopped at Price Chopper for $2 thru 10/27. Use $0.75 off Green Giant Seasoned Steamers = $0.50 . Last week the iSave machine was printing $0.75 off coupons that will also double = $0.50 , you may have some left. There is also a $0.75 off saving star ecoupon to combine if you have not used it yet = FREE + $0.25 profit. I think my store accidentally tagged this sale as starting last week and then pulled the tags, that is why it was ringing up $2.99 for some readers, it should ring up as $2 now. Reader Tip: check the regular Green Giant Steamers for $1 off peelies making the Seasoned Steamers $1. Reader Jennifer found them at her store in Niskayuna.

Price Chopper: Cheap Mandarin Oranges & Wasabi Mustard

Here is a great way to utilize the $1 off Full Circle Imported item printable : Central Market Classics   Canned Mandarin Oranges 11 oz. - $1.39 (some stores/regions may carry smaller sizes at $1.09), use $1 off printable = $0.39   (thanks, I am that lady !) Central Market Classics   Wasabi Mustard 4.25 oz. - $1.50, use $1 off printable = $0.50 Central Market Classics   Bread Crumbs Japanese Panko 8 oz. - $1.79, use $1 off printable = $0.79 Central Market Classics   Gelato - $4, use $1 off printable = $3