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$3 off one Schar Bread Product

Click here and join the club and print a $3 off any one Schar Bread Product Here are the instructions posted by Schar on how to obtain this coupon: “Sorry for all the confusion. Once you are logged into the Schar Club, click the button that says Schar Club and Coupon (on the right) and once there ‘click’ on the Schar Club Apps. You should see 8 ‘buttons’, 1 with a large dollar sign on it. Click the button and follow the directions from” (thanks, pc&d !) Schar Gluten Free Bread sticks are $4.49 reg price at Price Chopper = $1.49 Assorted Breads are $5.29 = $2.29 *After I sign up & click coupon it is currently not loading for me, maybe you will have better luck. Update: they will send you an email and you have to click in it to verify your account, then it will work

Price Chopper Trip!

3 Marcal Small Steps Napkins - $2 each, used 3 $1/1 from 8/25 RP = $1 each   Annie's Bunny Grahams - $2.50, used $0.50/1 = $1.50 10 Angel Soft Tissues FREE w/ various $0.50/1 printables (got over 2 trips earlier in the week) Top Care Toothbrush FREE w/ $1/1 Top Care coupon   Yucatan Guacamole $0.99 w/ $3/1 Simply OJ $1.50 w/ $0.75/1 (nla) 2 Chobani Flip $0.25 each after freshness peelies (good for 3 more weeks!) 2 Muller Greek Yogurts $0.29 each after $1/1 freshness peelies (good for 3 more weeks!) ($1/4 in 8/4 RP!) * Wilton PC had tons of freshness peelies = $8.07 for all  Use $0.55/1 from 8/4 SS R (I did not see this in capital region inserts) = $0.40 Use $1/1 = $1.99 Check for $1/2 tearpads on  Rice Krispie Treats snacks displays = $1.50 each this week    

Still Available: $3/1 Yucatan Guacamole = $0.99 at Price Chopper

$3/1 Yucatan Guacamole - still available! On sale for $3.99 this week at PC = $0.99! 

9/1 Coupon Insert

This weekend we will receive 1 insert: P&G

New Saving Star ecoupons!

Price Chopper Bonus Fuel Coupons + ShopRite Super Coupons! (use as competitor)

(also in today's TU) Plus there are some great ShopRite competitor coupons in today's Times Union: (thanks, shopurtunist !)