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Reader Hannaford Trip!

Reader Winch Weasel found some great clearance sales at her Hannaford!

Bought Reynold's Heavy Duty Turkey Foil Pan Shelf $6.99, on clearance for $1.74 
Hannaford Distilled Vinegar 64oz Shelf $1.99, on clearance for 99¢ 
Heinz Homestyle Beef Gravy 18oz Shelf $2.09, on clearance for 52¢ 
Total Shelf Price: $15.25

Total Price @ Register: $4.29
Used $1/2 Heinz Beef or Chicken Gravy (came off Heinz Turkey Gravy from last Thanksgiving)
Total OOP: $3.29, get $6.27 tracking for Heinz via Savingstar
If they stock the shelves again she hopes to do this:

Savingstar idea *hopefully*:
10 Heinz Beef Gravy 18oz @ $2.09, on clearance for 52¢ = $5.20
- 3X $1/2 Heinz Beef or Chicken Gravy
= $3.20, get $5 from Savingstar
Net $1.80 profit