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Price Chopper Starting Sunday: FREE Carvel Lil Love Ice Cream Cake!

Here is coupon you may want to print now in case it's nla by Sunday:

*Update: $5/1 coupon reportedly now prints w/ size restriction so is not valid on Lil Love Cake  $5 off Any Rich's (includes Carvel) Ice Cream Cake

Starting Sunday Carvel Lil Love Cake will be on sale for $5 = FREE after coupon!!


Anonymous said…
Can I buy 2 today and 2 tomorrow at this price? It says limit 3, but is that per transaction, per card, per customer/week, etc. Do you know?
Erin said…
The limit 3 is per day (techniquely it's per transaction because a forth would ring up full price) so if you had more coupons you could get more on other days. Also, if your store runs out you can always get a raincheck.
Erin said…
Anonymous said…
Great! Thank you.