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Fresh Market: Thursday Meal Deals For $20

Here is a cool deal Fresh Market offers each Thursday. $20 will buy you a meal deal which will feed 4. Fresh Market's cookies alone are around $4 (they are very good!) so this isn't a bad deal. Plus it's nice to try new stuff once in a while!

I've found some good deals at Fresh Market. A few weeks ago they had many of their gourmet BBQ Sauces and rubs on great sales so I got a basket at the dollar store and made a Father's Day gift basket:

All this was under $20!

Fresh Market also has great baked items reasonably priced plus I love those little free coffee samples they offer!

You can sign up here to receive Fresh Markets weekly deals. 

Have you been to the new Fresh Market in Saratoga yet? 

From reader Diane via our facebook page:

"Last Thursday I went an picked up the meal deal! OMG...the burgers were to die for, Choc. chip cookies gone in one night! Thin & crispy just the way we like them! The cheese was thick tasty cheese! I will say this is a great price! I am hoping The Fresh Market changes the Thursday meal deals every month to something different!"