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Price Chopper Coupon Policy Revised!

Price Chopper has revised their coupon policy. It's now more detailed and includes specific examples which is great but I don't see much new, only a few minor things:
  • "Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the order and the AdvantEdge Card must be scanned or entered prior to coupon deductions."
  • They have added Save-A-Lot & Aldi coupons to competitor coupons they do not accept.
  • "We accept paper competitor coupons for specific items from supermarkets and mass retailers (Target & Wal-Mart) subject to the conditions expressed on the coupon and provided we carry the item in our store. A paper competitor coupon for their store brand will be accepted for a comparable Price Chopper brand product of the same size & weight.
  1. A few readers have recently had issues with this and now it's been clarified. So for example, a coupon for ShopRite bread for $0.49 can still be used when substituted for PC brand bread. Please note it must be the same size and weight
They didn't clarify anything in regards to the problem of some stores not doubling manufacturer coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart", "available at Walmart"(or any other store) and manufacturer coupons that have other store logos on them though. They told me they were looking into it on 8/29 but I have not heard anything back yet, I'll have to email them again.

What do you think about the changes?


Si said…
I didn't know you could use store brand coupons from competitors. Interesting.

Is that new?
Erin said…
It was implied but not clear so it's nice they have written it out. Hopefully most items will end up being the same size/weight.
Amber said…
I did not know that they accepted competitor store brand coupons!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!