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High Value $3/1 Adams Reserve Cheddar Cheese!

Update: I see they have fixed the small sized $2 and changed it to $3.

Adams Reserve Cheese just posted a high value $3/1 Adams Reserve Cheddar Cheese HERE on their facebook page! The 10 oz. is $4.99 at Price Chopper but often goes on sale for $3.99 and sometimes lower. 

OR you should be able to have the gourmet cheese counter cut a piece that would be ~$3 = FREE-cheap as the coupon says $3/1 ANY size.

Coupon exp. 1/31/15


Wilma B said…
Hi Erin Did you notice the Q says 3$ off but on the left says coupon value $2.00.(typo???) what do you think?
Erin said…
Hi Wilma - I noticed that too, looks like they forgot to take the smaller $2 off when they re-did it for $3/1. The big $3/1 should trump the small $2/1 and it should be coded to take $3/1 now so I don't think it should be a problem. If I see that they've fixed it I'll post it.