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Snap by Groupon: Save $1/1 Bread, $1/1 Milk + MORE!

There is a new cashback app. available! This one is called Snap by Groupon and works similar to Checkout51. I like this one because the cashback values are pretty high, $1 off milk, $1/1 any bread, etc...

To use the app. sign up HERE, then:

1. Buy the items at any store

2. Snap a picture of your receipt and upload using your phone or desktop (a smart phone is not needed, you can use a regular camera and then upload the pic to your computer.

3. You have two days to upload your receipt once you purchase the items/items.

4. Some offers have no limits!

5. After you earn $20 they will send you a check 

6. Once you sign up your can refer friends to earn $1 when they redeem an offer! 

Here a few of the offers currently available:

+ More!