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Written Proof For Readers w/ "Redeemable At Walmart" Manu Coupon Problem: They Should Be Doubled!

Here's an email I received from PC customer service in regards to the problem of some stores treating valid manufacturer coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart" (or any other store) or manu. coupons that have another stores logo on them as competitor coupons thus not doubling them:

Dear Ms. Waring,

Thank you for contacting Price Chopper. We apologize for the delay in our response.
Price Chopper's policy on manufacturer coupons with a competitor's logo is as follows:

A valid manufacturer's coupon containing a competitor's logo and/or phrase like "redeem at Retail X" is still a manufacturer's coupon and should be handled as such.  A manufacturer's coupon containing the phrase "redeem only at Retailer X" is subject to the competitor coupon rules.
This information has been communicated to our store teams so they should be following the correct procedures.


Customer feedback helps us improve our service and our products.  Price Chopper values your business and we look forward to serving you again.


Donna Blank
Consumer and Marketing Services Supervisor
Price Chopper Supermarkets


This is great news for readers who have been having this problem! I would print off the letter and keep it on you for when the problem arrives and/or show it to your store manager so they can tell cashiers not to enter these coupons as competitor coupons anymore.


Heather C. said…
Great news! Thank you for persisting and getting a clear answer on this :)
Wilma B. said…
Thanks you are the best, we love for all the work you do to save us money.
Erin said…
Thanks guys! :-)
Amber said…
Thanks for getting that cleared up!