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Honest Weight & ShopRite Super Coupons In Today's TU!

Fyi - today's Times Union has a $5//$40 & $20/$100 Honest Weight coupons which can be used as competitor coupons at Price Chopper this week plus ShopRite super coupons to use a PC w/ a $15 purchase: SR Cranberry Sauce $0.25, SR Stuffing $0.25, SR Gravy $0.25 & Betty Crocker Cake Mix $0.25!


Anonymous said…
You can use the $0.25 coupon of the cake mix that is from Shoprite for Price Chopper?

Won't they give you an issue when you go to check out?
Erin said…
You definately can use it as they accept them as competitor coupons per their coupon policy so you shouldn't have any problem. Just make sure they enter the coupon as $1 off competitor coupon to make it $0.25 as they're on sale for $1.25.
Unknown said…
These coupons are really handy. A lot of people are searching for these coupons. On every big occasion big companies usually launch nice coupons. I am happy to get these too