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Showing posts from October 20, 2014

New $0.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese = $0.25 Each at Price Chopper!

$0.75 off any Two Horizon Mac & Cheese or Snacks - a new link! Use zip code 08244 if needed. Select Horizon Mac & Cheese are on sale for $1 at PC thru 11/1 = $0.25 each ! Also new: $1.00 off any Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Product = $0.49 for the Drop-Ins at Price Chopper

Written Proof For Readers w/ "Redeemable At Walmart" Manu Coupon Problem: They Should Be Doubled!

Here's an email I received from PC customer service in regards to the problem of some stores treating valid manufacturer coupons that say "redeemable at Walmart" (or any other store) or manu. coupons that have another stores logo on them as competitor coupons thus not doubling them: ______________________________________ Dear Ms. Waring, Thank you for contacting Price Chopper. We apologize for the delay in our response. Price Chopper's policy on manufacturer coupons with a competitor's logo is as follows: A valid manufacturer's coupon containing a competitor's logo and/or phrase like "redeem at Retail X" is still a manufacturer's coupon and should be handled as such.   A manufacturer's coupon containing the phrase "redeem only at Retailer X" is subject to the competitor coupon rules. This information has been communicated to our store teams so they should be following the correct procedures.   Customer feed